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IterStar Geomatics is a family run professional land surveying firm based out of Yellowknife, NT. With experience throughout the North (Alberta, Northeast BC, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut), we have the knowledge base to meet your project needs! Our past experience includes Legal Survey Plans (Right of Way and Easement Plans, Subdivision Plans, Road Plans, Land Claims Surveys, Crown Land Disposition Survey Plans, etc.), Buried Facility Locating, Property Line Staking, Topographic Surveys, Development Plans, Real Property Reports, Construction Layout Surveys, Control Network Surveys, UAV Surveys, and much more. We have experience completing projects for a variety of clients, ranging from individual property owners, to land developers, to construction firms, to various levels of government and government agencies.

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Ryan Gordon
     ALS, BCLS, CLS, P.Eng.

phone - (867) 873-5700

email - rtgordon@iterstar.ca